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Vcad510 Exam Questions Download Now

Whether you simply want to become more conversant in virtualization technologies or ultimately want to be a recognized virtualization expert, VMware certification is now an essential step for your career.

With the VCA-Data Center Virtualization certification, you’ll have greater credibility when discussing data center virtualization, the business challenges that vSphere is designed to address, and how virtualizing the data center with vSphere addresses those challenges. You'll be able to define data center virtualization and provide use case scenarios of how vSphere and data center virtualization can provide cost and operational benefits.

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Vcad510 Exam Questions Download Now

  1. 1. Pass Certification No.1 Test Preparation Resource vvv VMware VCAD510 Exam VMware Certified Associate - Data Center Virtualization Exam Exam
  2. 2. Question: 1 You work for a convenience store chain that has a full data center including shared storage and many small stores. You want to make sure that data in the stores gets copied to the main data center. Which solution will meet these requirements? A. Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) B. Storage DRS C. vSphere Replication (VR) D. VSA Answer: C Explanation: Reference: Question: 2 Which VMware product allows for non-disruptive disaster recovery testing? A. vCenter Operations Manager B. vSphere Replication C. Site Recovery Manager D. vCenter Configuration Manager Answer: C Explanation: Reference: Question: 3 Your manager wants to know how virtual machines are going to benefit the organization. What two statements accurately explain what virtual machines do? (Choose two.) A. Allow users to recover deleted files themselves. B. Reduce your application licensing costs. C. Provide higher up time than physical servers.
  3. 3. D. Reduce the number of physical servers. Answer: B,D Question: 4 You are the VMware administrator for your local hospital. A fellow administrator has asked what role a datastore plays in the environment. Which of the following is a good definition of a datastore? A. A datastore is used by the hypervisor to swap local memory content if needed B. A datastore is used as the destination for the core dump file C. A datastore is used by the hypervisor to store logs and performance data D. A datastore is where virtual machine's files are stored Answer: D Question: 5 You are considering using virtual machines for your new corporate email servers. You are giving examples to your manager of the benefits this will provide. Which two examples are true? (Choose two.) A. Virtual machines can be reverted to prior states to make recovery from accidents simpler. B. Virtual machines perform faster than physical machines using the same hardware. C. Virtual machines allow you to add components such as network cards and hard disks while the VM is running. D. Virtual machines automatically increase and decrease their allocated memory while running. Answer: C,D Question: 6 You are explaining to your manager the different types of storage devices supported in vSphere. You explain that some devices are block-based, while others are file-based. Which of the following is a file-based storage type?
  4. 4. A. NFS B. Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) C. Fibre Channel D. iSCSI Answer: A Explanation: Reference: Question: 7 You work in a highly regulated, secure environment. You have been tasked with finding a solution that will analyze the environment and report on any changes in the environment to ensure you meet the compliance requirements in your industry. Which VMware product can help to provide this solution? A. vCenter Operations Manager B. vCenter Change Management C. vCenter Configuration Manager D. vCloud Director Answer: C Explanation: Reference: glish.pdf Question: 8 Which vSphere feature allows for more efficient storage usage? A. Snapshots B. Fast Provisioning C. Thin Provisioning D. Storage vMotion Answer: C
  5. 5. Explanation: Reference: Question: 9 Your manager asks you: "What is the relationship between vMotion and VMware's High Availability (HA) feature?" What do you tell him? A. vMotion uses VMware's High Availability (HA) feature to move the VMs while they are running. B. VMware's High Availability (HA) feature uses vMotion to move the VMs after a failure. C. There is no interdependency between these two features. D. Either feature only functions if the VMs are powered off. Answer: B Explanation: Reference: Question: 10 What is a scalability challenge that vSphere can address? A. Change management processes are simplified B. Automatic balancing of virtual machines after adding new physical servers C. Easier disaster recovery processes D. Users have self-service provisioning of virtual machine workloads Answer: B Explanation: Reference: 12)
  6. 6. Pass Certification No.1 Test Preparation Resource VMware VCAD510 Exam VMware Certified Associate - Data Center Virtualization Exam Exam

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